What to do when you face rejection?

“Bhai, mera interview crack nahi hua….”

“Yaar, selection nahi hua!” 

“Yaar, usne mana kar dia…”

Remember these dialogues? 

Maybe, one of your friends said this to you when they face rejection in a relationship, or when you faced a setback in your professional life or academic journey. 

Rejection is the biggest fear in humans. Sometimes, we also stop ourselves from doing something, just because we fear not getting a positive response. 

No one loves being REJECTED in life. 

Why do we hate rejection, especially during the younger years. Our beloved Jeetu Bhaia from Kota Factory said something on feeling heartbroken, and no one could have summed it up well, at least not me:

Being Realistic: The Key to Deal with Rejection 

Every time, we start something or get an idea, we think we will be successful and get what we want. But life works in mysterious ways. 

While it is good to stay positive and believe in the power of attraction, being a realist can save you from disappointment and self-neglect when you face rejection. 

Being a realist doesn’t mean that you start questioning yourself. It’s just that you stay practical in your approach. 

Our elder generation has a very famous saying. I am sure that you must have heard it from your parents:
“Chadar dekh ke paer pasarne chahiyein” (Never bite off more than you can chew)

If you are from the middle class like me, you must have heard this more than once. (Especially on money matters)

This one sentence can give you an important lesson to not face rejection in the first place:

Never forget who you are and what you can do. You can cheat others, but not yourself. If you try to do, you’ll face a lot of rejections in the first place.

Once you know your worth and what you can do, just take up challenges according to your worth. 

Dealing with rejection (if you still face it) 

Remember Rani from Queen?

Raani….. Delhi waali! 

Oh wahi, jisko Vijay ne shadi se pehle reject kar dia tha! 

Whatever Kangana is doing these days, she gave an important lesson on facing rejections through his 2013 flick Queen. 

Cry as much as you want after being rejected, but once you’re done with it, move on in life. 

Rani was rejected by his fiancé just before the wedding. She cried for two days, alone, but once she was done, she demanded to go on her honeymoon alone. 

I don’t need to tell you what that honeymoon did to Rani. She blossomed as a person. Right? 

My point is, when you don’t cling to your rejections and learn to move on, you give life another chance to make you happy, again. 

And zindagi ki to yahi reet hai na- haar ke baad hi to jeet hai na! 😊 

So, the next time you face rejection, don’t sulk and fall into the trap of self-pity. Instead, cry your heart out, but do one thing that makes you truly happy. 

Someone or something rejecting you is not your problem. You are made for better things in the world. So, stop questioning, if you faced rejection or if you have a friend who needs a shoulder. 

And instead of bitching about your life and destiny (or the person who rejected you), start working on the next thing.  

That’s how you grow up and that’s how you fight rejection. Because when you give too much thought to your sob story, you are losing time on building your success stories.

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