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Founded by Pankaj Rakwal, MoneyNMotivation.com helps you become money-wise and stay motivated to do more in life. We help you get hold of the latest tips, updates, guides, blogs and more all in one place.

MoneyNMotivation.com offers relevant, useful and insightful information about stock market, money matters, personal finance, technology, business, startups and entrepreneurship. All this, while motivating you to become financially independent, take charge of your life and solve your money problems.

Don’t just let social media command your life. Learn and grow more with MoneyNMotivation.com and be the person you wanted to become always.

All You Need to Be Successful

Your One Stop ResourceHub

Think of MnM as your one-stop destination for everything you need to be successful.

  • Had a bad day? Head over to our motivation section, read personal stories of success and get inspired to act.
  • Stuck in stock market investments? Check our latest analysis in the Stock Market section
  • Thinking of a startup idea? Get everything you need in our Business column
  • Confused about making a career move? Head over to our Career section
  • Crazy about tech and gadgets? Find latest updates in our Tech column

And that’s not it. We are constantly expanding our horizons to bring you the best blogs and credible information on the internet that will keep you hooked and motivate you to do more with your life. So, that’s killing two birds with a single stone.

Why You Should Care?

The internet is a great leveler. We can do everything that we couldn’t have achieved earlier because we have all the information at our disposal.

The lack of knowledge, opportunities or exposure led to disparities in income and stopped a person to find help from credible sources in the past.

At MoneyNMotivation.com, our goal is to provide genuine information and keep you motivated so you can use the internet to uplift your living standard.

If you’re just bored of scrolling on social media and wasting your time, we give you an interesting alternative. Read our blogs and find information that really helps you earn money, grow as a person and achieve your dreams with the help of the internet.

About the Founder

Pankaj Rakwal

Pankaj is a dreamer as well as an action taker. He is not your conventional 9-5 job-type individual rather he believes in taking control of one’s destiny. 

Pankaj honed his craft in web development by pursuing a web development course from Canada and started freelancing for international clients. In a couple of months, he catered to several clients, helping them with their web design and development requirements.

After having a successful stint with freelancing, Pankaj thought of adding more flavor to his life and take his career to the next level. So, he turned to the stock market for investing. Unfortunately, he ended up losing INR 1 million in just 3 months. But he didn’t give up. He spent a lot of time learning more about trading, stock market and value investing. 

With the remaining capital of INR 3 lakh, he squared off his losses, and started earning a comfortable income ever since. Today, he successfully invests in multiple instruments, helps international businesses get online and has now started MoneyNMotivation.com to share his knowledge and experience with the world.

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